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The Algae Remedy:

Algae is the most viable feedstock for the production of biofuels. As of now, the costs of biodiesel production from Corn oil, soybean oil and palm oil are beyond the financial model for success. The truth is that bio fuels require aggressive agricultural efforts that compete in a negative manner with the consumers that are supposed to benefit from energy alternatives.

The remedy for success of biofuels is algae. An algae crop grows the fastest, uses the least land, and does not compete with existing foodstocks. Select algae species can multiply up to 16 times in one day and mature in 3 days. Our algae propagation technology grows algae under controlled conditions in a bioreactor environment designed to take advantage of the advanced grow cycle of these algae species. After maturity resultant algae paste is processed into both vegetable oil for fuel and dried algae cake for foodstock. Our vertical gravity fed bioreactor system has minimum energy requirements and will produce over 160 times more product than pond or raceway systems per acre.

In addition to the production of oil and cake, algae consume CO2 and emit oxygen in large quantities. Micro-algae are in fact the largest consumer of CO2 on the planet and offer a strong advantage to operating energy plants seeking to sequester CO2 to lessen their environmental impact.

We have made major progress toward positioning ourselves to take advantage of current provisions and incentives offered by the U.S. government to produce renewable energy and reduce CO2 emissions. We invite your suggestions and thoughts on what might interest you in supporting our ventures.